Dyslexia Awareness Month 

Did you know that October is Dyslexia Awareness Month?

Dyslexia is often defined as an unexpected difficulty in reading.  Dyslexia does not affect an individuals overall ability to read, rather it is a weakness in one specific language system, phonological awareness. Individuals with dyslexia are often typical in other intellectual areas: thinking, reasoning and understanding. Dyslexia affects one out of every five children and early intervention is key is supporting children to develop a manual mode of reading.

Some signs to watch for as early clues for potential reading struggles:

* speech delay
* difficulties with pronunciation of words
* inability to identify rhyme
* difficulty matching names and sounds of letters
* talking "around" a word 

In 2015, CT Legislation Act 14-39 began to modify the education system and how we address challenges in literacy, specifically, dyslexia. From the CT State Dept of Education to your local school district, policies and programs have been instituted to support individuals with dyslexia. College teacher prep programs have been revamped, teacher training has been instituted and guidelines for assessment and intervention have been put in place. 
For more information: https://childmind.org/guide/parents-guide-to-dyslexia/
or reach out to [email protected]


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