In today's busy world, we find ourselves sending the kids out the door to school as we rush off to work. At the end of the day, we are balancing sports practices, club meetings, dinner, and of course the dreaded homework. As we lay our head on the pillow, we ask ourselves how we can help our student. How can we drill in those math facts? Will the Science project get finished? Why is he having trouble reading that chapter book? And in the morning, it all starts again...

Reading is an important part of this busy world we live in. Let me help you stay informed with the literacy happenings at Eli Whitney School!  As the Reading Consultant, I will keep you up to date on "what's new" in the reading world. I will keep you informed on the current issues related to literacy and education. Learn about various disabilities and their impact on reading. I will provide resources to challenge the excelled and support the struggler. Let's turn homework and reading at home into an enjoyable nighttime routine!
          Ms. Maggio
                                 Reading Consultant
                                 [email protected]
Posted by [email protected] On 10/11/2022 at 11:17 AM