Positive Reinforcement

Students are given positive feedback to reinforce expectations through a variety of recognition systems. The following are ways students can be recognized at Eli Whitney for demonstrating positive behavior.


All staff members will be given a number of small and large wolf logos. The small wolves can be given to any student who you feel is demonstrating PACK pride and following PACK expectations in your classroom and around the school. The large wolves can be given to an entire class of students. These can be used, for example, on bus duty, during a special, or by the custodians at the end of the day. In both cases, teachers will create a reward system for earned wolves or to link this to what you are currently using in their classrooms (e.g., brag tags, bucket-filling). Teachers can decide how many wolves equal an individual student reward and how many large wolves equal a class reward. Teachers can also decide this on your own, or you may seek input from their class.

Bus drivers and teachers on walker/pick-up duty will also be able to recognize when their collective group of students has earned a wolf for displaying PACK pride daily. There is a bulletin board is designated for the bus recognition in the main hallway. The plan is to track any group who has earned a complete week of wolves and recognize that group at our student assemblies. 


Student who display P.A.C.K Pride can earn small wolves. All staff members can recognize when students lead the P.A.C.K. Students can cash in their wolves for a reward or privilege with their classroom teacher. 
small wolf


Classes that display P.A.C.K. Pride can earn large wolves. These wolves can be earned during morning bus duty, at a special, in the hallway or for a neat and tidy room at the end of the night. Classes can earn a group reward or privilege. 
large wolf


Classrooms who display PACK in the cafeteria can earn a Whitney Wolf which will be displayed on the walls under each classroom. When the classrooms earn 15 Whitney Wolves then they will be recognized by being announced on the morning announcements that day. During that day’s lunch, the classroom’s tables will be decorated with table clothes and decorations. Students will be allowed to have the Fun Cart to play games during lunch as well as be allowed to get their hot lunch first. Classes who earn this reward must eat their lunch first before they can play games. They are also expected to put the games back on the Fun Cart neatly. The class will also be recognized during the next assembly. 



Students are recognized for displaying an act of kindness with a Kindness Domino. The student or teacher writes their name on the domino with the act of kindness and then puts the domino in the box outside of the main office. Students’ names are announced during morning announcements the next morning and the dominos are displayed on the Kindness Domino’s board in the main hallway. At the end of each month, students’ names are randomly selected to receive a raffle prize.


Each week, Whitney staff send names of students who deserve a Howl (shout out) from the principal. Mr. Brooks will make phone calls to parents to recognize students for the positive choices they make in school. Whitney School will continue to look for additional ways to recognize our students.